How it started

How it started

Bonzour tou lé monde. 

If you pronounced it the way I do, then you probably know me from Tiktok. And if you didn't, then hi, my name is Amberine.

One year ago, I made my first (real) Tiktok. Soon enough, I got an amazing, engaged community who enjoys my jokes. 

Months passed and I thought, how can I be closer to my community? 

Then, I thought: I have always wanted to make a clothing brand in Mauritius, as I think there is a part of the population who, like me, isn't satisfied with the clothes here.

That's when I had this idea: let's make t-shirts for all of us!!! And that's exactly what I'm doing. Stylish, funny t-shirts. 

I hope you'll like my t-shirts.

This is how it started. Now is the time to write how it goes. Discover our style to come

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