What is melondelo

Hi, my name is Amberine.

Ever since I was seven years old, I wanted to create a clothing brand. All my life I thought "It is so hard to find nice outfits. And for the rare times I do, it is not produced in our country. It makes my morals feel bad to not buy local. And too often, when it is produced in Mauritius, it is so expensive". 

But I was not planning to make this dream happen anytime soon, until Tiktok happened.

Seeing my community grow every day, I thought to myself: I want to do something to link my followers with me. I want to do t-shirts with my jokes. Not basic merch, but real oversized t-shirts with some good prints you can wear when you want to dress up.   

And that is when I started working on it. 

The goal is to help Mauritians. The goal is to reduce footprints emissions by producing locally. 

melondelo has faced so many obstacles, as a new company who wants everything manufactured in Mauritius. But I didn't give up when the process was slow, when it didn't go the way I wanted to, and when everyone told me to.

So, what is melondelo? A human company where you can easily find cute clothes. 

What else? 

A responsive company where we let you choose what we are creating via our Instagram @melondelo.mauritius.

It is not my company, it is ours.