How it started

How it started

It all started with Amberine, our founder, when she was trying to dress up growing up, in Mauritius. 

Hi it’s me, Amberine.
Ever since I was a little girl I struggled with this: finding my type of clothes near me!! 
So when I would travel, I would bring back my favorite items from Paris. 
But that’s not really practical, is it? 
Now, I still can’t find what I like in Mauritius. I mean there are some pieces I like but they are out of this world expensive for the style that is not really mine.
Now, when I travel, I couldn’t be less proud of me when I buy fast fashion items. 

So I decided to create Melondelo: my slow fashion brand, created in Mauritius, for Mauritians, and the rest of the world.  

(Well technically there are a few more reasons I created Melondelo, but you can find all about it on social medias) 

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